Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mom & Pop Kadlec Arrive Tonight!

Tonight my parents come to town for the weekend. Debbie and I are taking tomorrow off and with the holiday on Monday, we'll have a solid 4 days to entertain! Tomorrow we are headed out to Blue Bell and perhaps a winery (or two), closing out the day with dinner at Leslie's Houston restaurant of choice, Cafe Red Onion (recommended by my former Honduran colleague, it surely hasn't let us down yet). They won't allow us to bring guests. Oh well. Saturday will be relaxing around home and some local stops, maybe the Terra Cota exhibit down at the museum. We were supposed to go to the opening members party tomorrow, but they will only allow members...literally. Or perhaps a movie... Sunday we are going to do brunch then some MLB! We are sitting 12 rows off the field for the finale of the Silver Boot Series...Astros and Rangers. I'm not into the I-45 series and the rivalry (the past few years it really doesn't come across like 'much' of a rivalry). And Monday will be an open day for more relaxing and the final day for Scrabble between my mom and I.

With tonight through Monday, I'll throw out the number 17. That's my estimate on how many scrabble matches my mom and I have! I won't wager on how many I'll win as I don't want to jinx it! Gonna be a great weekend!!!

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