Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some things can only happen to me...why?!

Now, I must preface today's incident with one that happened over four years ago...

It was March 2005, and Debbie and I were somewhere between the Caymans and Roatan on the MSC Opera. I had just hit the gym and was en route back to our cabin. As I was stepping out of the elevator I dropped my cabin key with it somehow finding the gap between the car and the floor. Down the elevator shaft it went. I don't need to go down the embrassing story of going to the lobby and explaining why I needed a new key!

Back to today now...I was washing my car in our car care center within our complex. It was quite dirty and I was nearly done drying it. I had just made my way into wiping down the inner door jams when it happened. I opened the passenger door and down they went, through the manhole grating, and into the water sogged basin. What? My car keys! Difference here is that I couldn't go to the lobby and say "hello, I just dropped my keys through a manhole, can I have a new set?" I am soooo fortunate the Debbie left her car keys here in Texas this weekend. (She's in Florida visiting friends and family...trying to avoid bringing the swine flu back from Disney.) I jogged home and found her set and en route back to my car I was able to flag down a maintenance guy. He came with a 3-ft bar with a hook...didn't touch the bottom of the basin. Then with a 5-ft pole with a magnet on the end...didn't touch the bottom again! Then he decided to bring a hammer and he was able to pry the manhole grate off. He reached into the manhole and was able to hit the bottom, maybe 6 feet or so down, with his magnet & pole. When he pulled it up with my keys stuck to the magnet I was so fortunate and lucky!

So, how do these things happen to me? I really just don't know how to explain it...I am just "special" I guess. Debbie's reaction was on those lines. Kind of like a mom and a 6-year old when they just lost something. Dammit.

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