Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy in St Louis! (& Happy Birthday Tim!)

First off, Happy Birthday brother is 29 today. Only a year left in his twenties!

This weekend Debbie and I are in St Louis...and busy as can be! Yesterday we flew in and went directly shopping for a few wedding and engagement photo necessities. We had a nice lunch with Debbie's grandma, then off to talk to Father John...our priest. We are actually all clear now, with regards to the Catholic Church, in getting married...less than 5 months to go! A late manicure and pedicure for Deb and her mom, then home to try and get some sleep (the day started with a 445am wakeup call for our flight out).

Today we met with our photographer for our long-awaited engagement photos. It is one year into our engagement this week, actually. Debbie and I went with multiple clothing options (I won't say outfits...but you know what I mean!). Photos throughout Tower Grove Park (in South City), then into downtown for shots by Busch Stadium (yup, I sported my Indians jersey and Deb was in her Cardinals!), finally to a spot downtown off the beaten track. It was this mesh of structures...railroad, bridges, etc...the light and back drop were awesome...these should be some amazing shots. All in all, it was a good session...then for some great downtown lunch.

Middle of the day was fiasco with tuxedo shopping. I won't mention where, but it was bad. I apparently don't know my waist, neck, sleeve, jacket or anything about formal wear. When she brought out the tux she sized me for 10 minutes earlier, it looked like I was a 6 year old trying on my fathers clothes! It was awful. After enough built-up anger, we to Men's Wearhouse. We found a sweet deal on my tux and we bought it. I am excited about it...looks pretty sweet, and I am excited to wear it for our wedding and again on our honeymoon. After that...well, I find excuses to wear it...

Anyways, we just finished a nice dinner with Deb's family, and then some intense games of canasta. I was partnered up with Lorraine...but it was Debbie and her grandma who beat us...actually, they wiped the floor with us!

Tomorrow will be busy once again...capped off by a late flight home. Kitty will be waiting anxiously!

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