Monday, May 18, 2009

A Weekend Together...seemed like a while!

Well Debbie and I seemingly have not had a weekend together since early-to-mid April. I had been studying, Debbie was in Denver, then Dallas, then working, then had been a while. So this weekend, we got a chance to see each other and actually be together!

Friday for me was busy...had a doctor appointment for my ankle (it's healing...a moderate-to-severe sprain...a 6 week recovery...two weeks down). Later, better news was that I got my car back! No more driving around a Nissan Sentra...what an upgrade it felt like going into my car! Check out the bumperless photos sent by the body shop guys...taken at some point between replacing it with a fresh one.

Weekend started after a long week of work for both of us. I have been complaining over two of my current project being entirely in British Standards (projects is in Qatar and Saudi Arabia) and Debbie had just come off her Certification week. Friday night we were sure to go and see Angels & Demons. We had both read the book a few years back and had high expectations, as we both liked it more then The Da Vinci Code. It truly was a better book... Anyways, the movie was very good...did a good job following the book, picking up the action, the mystery, and even some of those horrific parts. The end was different. We both were awaiting the was such a good ending in the book. The movie missed this high mark...wasn't bad, but definitely held back on the "religious conspiracy" aspect. Oh was a great movie.

Saturday was supposed to be a lazy day...but it wasn't. Went ring shopping (found mine, maybe found Debbie's), shopping in general, did some honeymoon researching at B&N, etc etc etc. Was a long day capped out with dinner at PF Changs. Sunday ended up being that relaxing day with chocolate chip pancakes and some minor chores around here. We have my parents coming this weekend, so we have to be ready.

If only the weather this weekend was like it was today (It was gorgeous today), hot as always over the weekend. Why did we have to work???

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