Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Astros Game...Anyone Suprised that they LOST!!!

With Debbie working nights today and tomorrow, it was just me and some of her Nasa coworkers and spouses. Had a good time hanging with everyone and we had some great seats! I'm on a good streak so far this year...every game has been in the 100-level! Tonight we sat in Section 127 right behind 1st base. Check out the photo...

Great seats, eh?

Tonight was pink jersey giveaway night for all ladies 16 and over. Well obviously that was not me, so I was out of luck. But after we gave up on catching a home run ball in the Crawford Boxes, I saw one of the ticket ladies give a jersey to a guy. So JR and I went up to her and asked for one...and she was happy to oblige and gave us each one! So even though Debbie didn't make it to the game, I got her a nice pink jersey!

Had a great time talking baseball and taking a night off from...well, nothing! Even the dome was OPEN in 90 degree weather, it was a nice time at the park...aside from the 'Stros losing. Not that I was really surprised...but the Indians did win! So it was an okay day in MLB.

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