Monday, May 4, 2009

Softball Tournament Champs (Team Dannenbaum)

This past Saturday I played in a softball tournament for Team Dannenbaum. The tournament was with the Texas Land Surveyors and engineers or something...I don't really know. It was a last minute thing and I jumped all over it. Myself and a few others were "contract employees" for the day...and we definitely helped bring home a victory. FYI, my friend Owen works over at Dannenbaum...(it's questionable who copied who with the blogs, but you can find his "Meet the ---" over at "Meet the Parkers" link on this page)

Anyways, the tournament was a double elimination format and got started at 10am. Our first game was at 11am, with us charging to victory in a sudden death 8th inning. We then played two more games in a row at noon and 1pm...both winning by greater margins. 17-1 or something in game 3. Then we had a break...we had the only other undefeated team set for 430...Jacobs. It wasn't even close...we kicked them over with force!

With Debbie working all weekend, she was unable to attend the tournament, but since we made it all the way to the finals she got there just in time to see the last and final game. They were a bunch of trash talking "surveyors" or a-holes...whatever the were...came down to an exciting 7th inning. We led by 4 runs going into the bottom of the last inning. They were able to score 3 and the final out was recorded on a sinking line drive to left. They stranded the tying run at 3rd base! With that, we were champs!

Overall it was an awesome day...loads of fun and of course winning made it that much sweeter! Down sides to the day were me striking out...yup, I struck out. I watched a ball land squarely on the plate and was rung up looking. Laughing and in disbelief I still am. Oh well, I had a good day at the plate. I hit a few triples and had other base knocks. I was trying to go yard but just couldn't get enough elevation on the ball.

Aside from that you can see the ankle brace I reluctantly brought to the game. I usually always have that and my knee brace with me. This time going into third base the base shifted underneath me and I rolled the ankle over badly. It's still quite swollen today as I'm nursing a mild sprain (assuming that's all it is for now...)

Oh well...we were victorious, an undefeated 5-0. When it comes to pain, it's all worth it when you walk away champions!

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