Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Second in the "Memories" Series

Deb loved the video clip I added yesterday and said I should post the following video, and start a "memories" series of posts. We don't have enough clips, at least I don't think, to make this a long series. Heck it'll take me time to find that flaming fajitas one!

But this one brings back memories...back in 2005, Debbie came up and we drove down into Jersey to cut down our own Christmas Tree! Check out the video:

And just for you, Cheryl, some of those funny Jersey jokes (since our Xmas tree was from Jersey) taken from SNL two weeks ago...hope I can get them right! "you know they pump their own gas there? That's because the lack that skillset." "in NJ pumping gas is like performing brain surgery" But when I went and found the other one..."riding with the convertible down in Jersey is like...," it was a little to racy for this blog...sad, I know...but it was the best one of all!

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