Monday, July 26, 2010

Cooperstown to save the 2010 MLB Season for me!

It's another disappointing year for me with my baseball teams...I'm really starting to feel like a Cubs fan, always saying "this is the year," then seeing the team faulter and fall out of the race.

I won't say it's impossible, but it's unlikely, that either the Indians or Astros make it anywhere this season.  Cleveland is keeping the AL Central cellar warm, while Houston is doing just barely enough to stay in front of the Pirates.  Pittsburgh is en route to it's 18th straight, and MLB record, losing's not that bad for me yet, but it's not good either... Cleveland is sitting at 41-57, while Houston is at 40-58!  If they went on to win their next 64 games, they'd be okay, probably win their divisions.  At this point, I say blow the teams up! 

Similar to an earlier posting this year, trade your chips away...bring in young talent and build for the future...  Houston is old and overpaid, so take what you can get... Get out from your big contracts, dump your worthless schmucks, and bring up the mediocre talent that's in the minors.  Cleveland needs a kick start to remind them they are not that bad! 

Anyways, as crappy as the 2010 baseball season has been for me, I'm no less of a fan...always love the game.  I think I'm addicted to baseball news more than ever, if you can believe it. is my outlet for reading, with and now a distant second and third. 

And to top it all off, we are going to Cooperstown this year!  We weddings in the fall to attend, with the first over Labor Day weekend in Syracuse, NY.  We strategically decided to book our flights through Albany so we can take a day and spend it with Baseball immortals!  Debbie thought of taking the extra day to go there, not me...she never ceases to amaze me.  It's hard enough sitting through baseball games in Houston, it's another thing to spend a day with me oggling baseball history!  Can't wait!
Another thing I can't wait's gonna be the year for the Tribe!  :-)

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