Monday, July 12, 2010

Makena Golf Club

Hands down, best golf course I've ever played! One of my favorite rounds of all time!

It was scenic, well groomed, challenging not to mention my 85 I shot! Best round in years! That includes the 8 on the first hole. Had 8 pars, a handful of 300 plus yard drives, and some great rescue shots taut made them possible. Debbie came and was photographing me, she was my good luck charm!thinking I should make her into a keychain and bring her everywhere! Haha.

We also played with some great guys which made the day a great all around day at the course.

Can't wait to post Deb's pictures, the views were unbelievable...

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  1. Terence and Debbie, it's great to know you are having fun. :-) Enjoy the beautiful weather, the sun, the beaches, and the views. Hey, if you find some cool shells, would you send them to me? Enjoy! Tamara