Friday, July 23, 2010

Makena Beach & Golf Resort (Maui) - Pictures & Course Review

You can read the "live" update from our trip in Maui at the following link: MAKENA...
But if you want details and quality photos (not from my iPhone), read on...
I loved the course. I can't say this enough. I did my research and found that it was a beautiful course in addition to being challenging. The book that Deb's uncle was reading, Maui Revealed, called it an "ego bruiser" so I had my concerns the night before.

I played with two ex-teachers (Doug and Frank) from Colorado, and they made for a great day on the course. Doug gave me a tip midway through the round that improved my game and made me conscious for future rounds...more on that to come...

Hole 1 was a straight par 4...nothing much of a off the tee sailed right, ended up with an 8. I had that thought, "oh crap, first time I play in front of Deb and I'm playing like this!"

Holes 2, 3, and 4...I was fortunate to bogey the three...granted this by no means is a confidence builder, but I at least got the doubt out of my head and control of my game. I won't mention that hole 4 was a par 3, where I made a big "no no," by three-putting!

I shot a par on holes 5, 7 and 8...and closed the front 9 with a 45 (on 36 par). It was hole 6 (I believe) that Doug noticed I wasn't bringing my hips through the swing, and wasn't turning post-swing...technically, I can't really speak to what I mean, but it helped... On hole 9, my drive was 300+ yards, setting me up for a feel-good back 9.
To sum up the back 9, it was awesome...I shot par on holes 11, 13, 14, 17 and 18. I had solid drives, solid irons, and sand putting was "so so." Shot a 40, on a 36 par.

Holes 14 and 15...WOW. These were by far the most unique holes that I've ever played on. As we were playing, we were slowly inclining up the side of the volcano. It was on these two holes that we came back down the most. I asked in the club house and they said the drops were over 200 feet! My drive on hole 14 was was long and straight...straight over the fairway! Luckily, it hit a tree and ricocheted out into the rough...playable! Great holes, quite memorable.

Overall, it was an awesome day...much thanks goes to my lovely wife and personal photographer, Deb. I joked that she was my lucky charm...outside of the first hole, the day was was the only hole I was beyond a bogey. It has been a long, long time since I shot an 85...and definitely was not expecting it on vacation, while using rental clubs, all while being distracted with views of the Hawaiian islands!

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  1. Nice pictures Debbie...thanks for the "exciting" golf review, Terence. Your anonymous poster, Tamara