Saturday, July 31, 2010

Futbol! MLS All Stars vs Manchester United

On Wednesday night, Deb and I joined a group of futbol fans for the MLS All Stars as they hosted Manchester United at Reliant Stadium.
Now, Deb and I are quite the rookies when it comes to soccer, as we have only attended one other professional soccer game to date.  This one wasn't as "small" as the Houston Dynamo games over at Robertson Stadium, but more commercial.  We were with over 70,000 fans in what was reported as the largest soccer game ever at Reliant.

Before the game started we got the rundown from JR and Jenn, as we carpooled, and were informed that the US was favored to lose by a good margin.  Who would have thought within seconds of the whistle, they'd be down by 1!

Eventually, they came back and made it more interesting, but it ended up being a blowout, ending 5-2.
Overall, we had a good time...Deb and I enjoyed the thing we did not enjoy, the Metro on the way back to the car.  Holy crap, what a looooong line!  Then we all "crammed" on the train.  Funny, Deb and I definitely commented on how the train was not even close to full...I guess we are used to the subways in NY.

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