Friday, July 16, 2010

..the road to Hana

Yesterday we did the "road to Hana." It is known for being one of the most scenic drives to experience, and nauseating. There are hundreds of turns, which can take their toll on the stomach.

We saw countless waterfalls, exotic animals, the bamboo forest, and sampled banana bread and fresh fruit along the way. We also saw a black sand beach, which was formed from lava flow. The sand was more like small, but very smooth pebbles.

Our last stop was at the seven sacred pools, where we all swam under the falls...

The day was looong, but absolutely worth it! The drive itself was a little stressful. Most of the bridges are one way, the two-way roads are more like 1.5 lanes, you can't see hardly anything around turns, coupled with tourists driving their convertibles and SUVs! We got behind the same guy twice and he was in love with his brakes, and not in a good way. Granted the speed limit varies from like 5 to 10 to 15 along the way, he was driving me crazy! Eventually he let us "crazy" drivers pass by. Within the last 25 years or so they have improved the road to what it is today. They used to say it was a drive only for the "well insured!"

More Maui today...

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