Monday, October 4, 2010

Least thumb!

Who's got the MVP and the LVP?  ME!

So, two posts ago I was all about my glasses saving me in my softball games...and it rang true throughout last week.  I played softball Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday...  I was on fire.  Last game of the week on Thursday, I take a liner off my right thumb (of my throwing hand).  I stayed out there, still made plays...watching my thumb change colors and swell larger.  Between innings I was submersed in the beer cooler.  My thumb that is, beer was the last thing I wanted in that moment!  I ended up getting out twice after the thumb incident, but again...least of my concerns.

I went home and showed Deb...her face said it all.  My thumb was bruised, swollen and apparently bent.  Not good.  I showered and medicated myself, why Deb called the nurses line.  Long conversation short, I ended up in the ER (Urgent Care facility) at midnight.  After going through Xrays and doctor's inspection (which my cries of pain when the doctor was pulling on my finger caused Deb to laugh), I found out it wasn't broken.  I bruised my ligament, which is causing all the pain, reduced range of motion, and more.

So as my eyeglasses reign as MVP, my thumb has taken the opposite approach.  This week I'm sitting out, but hope to be back next week.  I'll keep you all updated...

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