Saturday, October 23, 2010

Roma...or Imposter!

As you all know, Roma goes to doggie day care a couple times a week.  The past few weeks she's gone to Rover Oaks...  The previous two times I'd heard about Roma's new play buddy, Isabelle (aka Izzy).  I even saw her once and thought, wow she's cute...but I really didn't look too hard.  On Tuesday I had heard they played ALL day nonstop and was informed that Izzy was actually a foster.  They had pegged us as good adoptive parents considering she was Roma's best dog friend.

On Friday, when I was picking her up I thought wow, she looks tired...and she came running over.  But something wasn't right, her tail was straight.  Yup, that was Izzy!  And then Roma was jumping below my feet and I laughed.  They look so alike!  I had heard that the two cry for each other, and only each other, when they get separated.  Surely enough, when I took Roma on her leash and led her outside, Izzy was on the other side...scratching at the door and whining.

For now, we can't adopt another dog.  Kitty is still becoming acclimated with Roma...we don't need to add another dog that looks nearly the same...we'll give kitty a heart attack!  Anyways, here's a quick photo of Izzy that I snapped.
Funny thing, I sent it to Deb and even on a quick glance from her, her response was "Roma looks tired."  Yup...we have an imposter!!

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