Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cannolis in 9

Well after another day at sea, Debbie and I were ready for more exploring in Italy. Much had been anticipated for our visit to Sicily. My friend recalls Sicily as one of his favorite places to visit when he goes to see family in Italy.

Plus we got an incredible deal on our excursion due to my addiction to the Cruise Critic ( website and message boards. Months out of the cruise I started communicating with our fellow passengers with questions, advice, etc etc about the cruise, itinerary, and more! it's a great tool for anyone looking or planning on taking a cruise. In almost every stop members arrange excursions at lesser costs on their own. We took advantage here. The cruise version of our "Taormina on your own" was approaching $100 each. We did it for $20 each. Totally worth it...left more in the budget for cannolis!

We ventured to Taormina and went to the Greek Amphitheater on the mountainside. The town was okay...we were definitely disappointed. Call it spoiled but we were not feeling the rain, humidity and temperatures in the 60s. Plus the bugs...strange looking ones....

So what did we do, we had lunch! I had a GIGANTIC calzone (with gorgonzola and more inside) while Debbie went way out of her comfort zone and ordered! All was amazing, as usual.

Afterwards we strolled the shops more and I bought more liquor. It's a cinnamon liqour called Cannella. It tastes like Christmas in a bottle! This time I didn't buy one for home and one for the ship...just one for home. But we did bring back pastries for the ship!!! (You know they never have enough onboard anyways...)

It was an okay place, Sicily, perhaps we'll like it next time. It was a beautiful departure when the weather cleared some...

Smooth sailing ahead and off to Barcelona. Or were we? The suspense builds! (Or not, I'm sure you all know what happened next!)

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