Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golf...then winning at the "Monte Carlo Casino"

Even though we were supposed to wake up in Barcelona and head off to enjoy tapas and spanish culture we woke up alongside Italy. In only a few hours we'd pull up alongside Monaco a day earlier than expected. We'd have preferred the day in Barcelona, but sometimes things just work out...

We met up with the Carson's in the spa that morning and a day of activities unfolded. We all competed in a putting competition in the lobby. I sunk 2 of 3 balls! I was all set to move on to the next round until those old folks came in and put 3 in a row in. I was like, dammit! :-) We even convinced Debbie to putt...she did a pro.

Then Bob and I ventured up to the top deck for some mini golf. We had time for a full game, and an abbreviated game. I was down by 6 strokes and miraculously came back! It was a game of chance with blowing winds and a rocking ship! Once our time was over we ran and met up with our wives for Bingo. Of course!

At dinner we planned out our night in Monte Carlo. I was sooo excited! I wanted to go into the Monte Carlo Casino in a full tux, James Bond-like. I settled for the suit. We went out with our friends from the ship, Bob and Lisa, Tricee and Horas, and Kate and Derek. You think you are doing well in life until you go to Monaco. The cars parked on the street are insane! Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, Porsche's, classic cars, Bentley's, and so on!

We paid the 10 euro cover charge and went into the Monte Carlo. I was not scared to drop money into a slot...I was not going to be way! I went ahead and put in a whole 5 euros! (the minimum) worked out! I won 35 euros which covered our cover, slot money and the 4.50 euro water I got for Deb. What a fun time we all had in there. The ornate decorations, the clientele, the whole experience. We all went towards the VIP area, but that didn't work. I had the beautiful woman on my arm (which seemed to be the first requirement), but my wallet was obviously insufficient. Hello, I just dropped 5 euros! :-)

Afterwards we all wandered back towards the ship through the Carnival and more. We all had a full day the next day!

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