Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Monaco and then Nice, France!

It's great waking up knowing we were already in port. We ate breakfast and were off onto shore!

I had mapped it out, I knew how to get to the train station...umm, sort of. We found our way there and went through the hassle of NOT having COINS to pay for the train ticket to Nice. Well, we eventually found out how to get to the ticket booth and ran for it. We ran back and just made it onto the train.

Nice was my first time making it to France, obviously, since this was my first trip to Europe. I was sort of disappointed. So was Deb. Unfortunately it was a Sunday so many things were closed. However, we made the most of it. We found our way to the French Riviera and were on the lookout for stars.

All we found was the beach, a nice market, and a place to enjoy some Leffe (to take the edge off).

I had found myself figuring out Italian from the first 10 or so days, plus it's close resemblance to Spanish. In France, I was lost. I was like "perhaps the beef tare tare." The waiter informed me, thankfully, "that is raw beef." Ha! I opted for the ham & cheese! It actually was on a baguette which turned out to be the best bread I ate on the entire trip! Deb went crazy in France...another pizza. She was pleasantly surprised, though!

Being semi-disappointed we opted to head back to Monaco and explore the city further. We got gelato, walked through the beautiful (and very rich) city. Found our way to the palace and even went to see Princess Grace's tomb. Overall it was a lot fun. Before we made it back onto the ship we stopped for cappuccino and crepes! Whoa, the crepes were amazing. Debbie was in heaven!!

Even got a nice shot of the ship before making it back onboard.

Next stop...the much anticipated Florence (aka Firenze)!

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