Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Move over food, back to honeymoon recap! Day 8

So I lost the wind in my sails on getting the honeymoon recap out the door. I'm back and going to move on!!

After Dubrovnik, we had another day at sea. It can be summed up easliy, relaxation...

...and BINGO twice, in the lounge then by the pool.

Our ship was apparently taking advantage of the calm seas, making great time en route to Sicily, that the Captain decided to do some maneuvering and such. We woke up to the the following the next morning. Perhaps he was out a little too late the night before???

(Actually the crew was definitely visible at night...including our Cruise Director who was more than willing to have a good time!)

Next stop...Messina, Italy...on the Island of Sicily.

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