Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mediterranean Storm, a day from Hell!

Since we booked an inside cabin it was always dark...which is perfect for Debbie's love of sleeping! The ship was rocking, rolling, and slamming into the waves...I couldn't believe I had slept all the way until 12 noon! I quietly got out of bed, got dressed and figured I'd go explore what kind of waves we were going through.

I noticed there was little light from outside...heard creaks all over the ship. You never would have guessed the ship was a mere 3 weeks old! The elevators in the grand lobby (spanning 10 or so decks) were shaking and you could visibly see their cables shaking back and forth. I found my way to my favorite lookout and couldn't make it outside. There was a sign about the heavy winds. So I backtracked and found a dead end again at my alternate. I went to the spa deck, found my way through their secret stairs and found the top deck. There was one guy there watching. So we got talking. Well, we were going through 45 foot seas and fighting winds upwards of 70 mph! Crazy! I mean our ship is 200 feet tall, 130 feet wide, and 1000 feet matter which way you cut it...that's a lot of wind area!

Chairs were buckled down, doors were sealed off, and the Cove balconies, which I was wanting us to upgrade to...were locked from the outside! See, these balconies are a mere 40 feet from the sea! It's one mistake I could have and would have paid the repercussions to! (Deb didn't want to be that close to the water if we started sinking!)

It was around this time when I "woke up" and realized my watch read a little after 6 AM! Apparently the moment I woke up my watch was positioned just right at 12 and 6. Oye.

That day was rough, people all over the ship were quite sick. Debbie, included. The ship was really moving. In 1993, on the Carnival Celebration (oddly enough, another CCL ship), our family was on a cruise in the caribbean and we went right through a Tropical Storm. I may not remember things like they were yesterday, being 11 and all, but it was not nearly as bad as this. SOme of the slamming of the bow into the water were definitely beyond scary.

We were going between Sicily and Sardinia en route to Barcelona, Spain. At one point, around noon, we turned around. I was actually up in the gym when we made the "turn." WOW was the ship listing, it was nuts! Nobody knew why we were turning around, but it made sense, we had to go another way. We ended up hugging the coast of Sardinia...but found out later...we were going to miss our stop in Barcelona. UGH! We were both so disappointed.

(FYI, the coast guard turned us around due to the conditions. They were unsafe for travel. Another ship in the Mediterranean, the other option for our cruise, had it even worse! Another instance where I could have been in hot water!) The story is over at Cruise Critic.

The weather improved and we started making good time towards the end of the day...we found out we'd have a morning at sea and arrive in Monte Carlo, Monaco early.

Night ended with another formal is the "loud table in the corner." I'm sure that's we were dubbed...we had loads of fun at every dinner!

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