Thursday, January 21, 2010

Warning...clowns are involved!

Tuesday was my 3rd Wilton Cake course one class. We had to make a clown cake, umm yeah?! Well it's done and I learned some good lessons from this cake so it was all worth it.

As you saw my earlier post, Babka and Cake Prep, I smooth iced the cake and if you look my corners are curved at the top, well ideally they would be a perfect 90 degree angle. So I learned how to fix that and will hopefully have it go much better for next week. This week I made the perfect medium consistency icing so I was able to practice dots, writing, stars, and the beginning of the Wilton Rose! One thing I did learn about my icing, was to not be cheap! I went to Walmart to buy up all of my cake supplies for the entire class because they are the cheapest grocery store around here. I bought Walmart brand vegetable shortening and you can totally tell. The icing isn't as smooth as my practice book and not as smooth as the others in my class. So this week I will be buying the name brand shortening because I don't want my roses to be all crinkly!

As for the taste of the Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling, eh. I told you I used all-purpose flour instead of cake flour, well you can definitely tell. The cake is not as soft and fragile as I would have hoped, but the cream cheese filling was awesome! I guess I'll know for next time!

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  1. Sooo, what you're saying is that for my birthday next year i'll get a full blown turtle cake! Haha...

    hmm.. maybe for Terence's you should make him a Trumpster cake! :-P