Thursday, April 29, 2010

BULL! The Indians are NOT the most hated MLB team!

I'm going to go on my soapbox here on the blog and defend my favorite team, the Cleveland Indians.

According to an ESPN article, a Neilson formula ("Sentiment Ratings"), the Indians are the most hated...BULL! I have lived in three places...Florida, NY, and Texas...all of which are very different, very different baseball markets, culture, people, and politics (won't go there!!). I can say that FL, or NY South, was just like either love the Yankees or hate them. As for Texas, I think most people just hate NY in general...

Not that this is a Yankee-bashing affair, but in reality, the Yankees have got to be the most hated. Yes, as an Indians fan, there are struggles supporting a team that often appears to be going nowhere, but come on, they are definitely not the most hated.

Wanna read the article, go here: INDIANS RULE, YANKEES SUCK!

Another funny part of the article, the Astros were 4th on the list. I'm shocked by this too, but I'll be loyal to my most-favored team first!

I'll concede this opinion if, and only if, the Indians win the World Series this year. Pshh, who cares if you are the most hated, it's the championship! 1995 and 1997 were so close. It's been so long since 1948...I just don't want to become like a Cubs fan (another team that should be at the top of the list...but then again, they did have Harry Carey, who could hate that guy?!)

UPDATE: Check out this link to they had a poll, approximately 75% of people hate who? The Yankees!

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