Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Foul Ball! Thank you old man Jamie Moyer!

It took me years and years of attending baseball games, but I finally did it...I caught a foul ball!!!

Saturday Deb made it "second birthday" of sorts making me eggs benedict for breakfast, followed by a tour of Minute Maid Park, then an Astros-Phillies game.

The tour was cool, seeing so much of the stadium, sitting down where the former President sits, and just exploring the history of the stadium...awesome. Totally worth it.

Then, the game. 7th row from the field, right behind third base...

It was Felipe Paulino pitching for the Astros...he throws hard and wild...there were an abundance of foul balls and I always think, "this is the game." Foul ball after foul ball, one of these times...I joked with Debbie earlier, "if I catch a foul ball, we'll never have to go to another game again...except for opening day." Jamie Moyer, aka Mr. Old Man Baseball stepped up to the plate. Jamie Moyer is 48 and pitches for the Phillies. I can throw nearly as hard as him, not even joking. He throws low 80s. I can top out in the high 70s, near 80.

Anyways, he swings and there it was...a liner in front of the third base dugout, carrying into the stands, ricocheting off the front few seats, bouncing up to us, hitting the seat, rolling on the ground, and ME! I dove after it, and got it!! I raised it proudly like everyone does when they catch their first foul...awesome awesome feeling!

The Astros lost, no surprise...but the game was a memorable one for me. Thank you old man Jamie Moyer...I respect your 48 year old swing...and your liner behind third base!

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  1. Terence, remember to give this ball to Tim if the "old man" is still playing next year. Tim will attempt to get you an autograph during spring training! Tamara