Monday, April 12, 2010

An expensive softball game...

Last Thursday night (4/10) was one of the more expensive softball games in my beer league career! We have beer fines, like I've touched on in previous blog posts...I think. To summarize, you get fined for things like grounding out, pop outs to the infield, strikeouts, double plays, ending innings, ending games, etc etc.

Anyways, I had done well the first two weeks, taking a 0.818 average into week 3... First time this year we swept the night, and are sitting at 4-2 on the year...not a bad start. However, my 1 for 8 night changed my line for the year. Now batting a solid 0.500...50% success is good, but not the $12 in fines I accrued over the night. Check out the line below...ouch! Better luck this week!!

Week #3 Fine Totals (2 games):

Missed Game: Ryan, Michael, Jaime
Last Outs: Dennis, Terence
Double Play: Terence
Pop Outs: Andrew-2, Terence, Dennis
Ground-outs: Jason-3, Terence, Andy, Sheldon, Andrew, Dennis, Jon
Inning Last Outs: Terence-4, Jon-2, Andrew

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