Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks for a great birthday all!

My birthday was a great day...turning 28 wasn't so bad. As I told my sister, "I'm holding on to my twenties for a couple more years!" My brother turns 30 this May, and my sister already passed that mark and is headed towards 40! (haha, she's a mere 31).

Debbie made me breakfast before I headed off for a day out in the field doing inspections. I planned the inspections so that I could be outside and enjoy the nice Friday weather.

By the end of the day, I was ready for dinner...Debbie and I went to Truluck's here in Houston. It's a nice restaurant where my former company had a christmas party a few years back. I won a gift card that we finally were able to use... Dinner was awesome...had a filet mignon and crab legs, while Debbie countered with South African lobster! YUM!

And...my birthday might be over...but we'll celebrate in NYC over Memorial Day. Deb surprised me with a trip to the big apple and a game at the new Yankee Stadium. Against my lovable losers, the Indians! We are going to stop by the infamous Starbucks that we had our first "moment" or as Deb recalls "violence."

All in all, 28 is not so bad!

OHH, and those cupcakes Deb made, PHENOMINAL!!! They were Guinness cupcakes, with a dark chocolate Bailey's ganache inside, with a buttercream Bailey's icing. Holy crap! Easily top 3 desserts she's ever ever made!

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  1. Happy Birthday Terence. Glad to hear you had a PHENOMENAL birthday. I am jealous of your NYC trip...I must go in December (again) for good shopping and the Christmas spirit. :-) Tamara