Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Go Away Sun!!...& Opening Day with the 'Stros

GO AWAY SUN! I heard that being yelled a few times...

Anyways, it was awesome to go to another opening day, our 4th in a row for the Astros. No surprise, they keep losing! That's why I predicted them to do nothing this year, except kept the NL Central Cellar warm! Bunch of benchwarmers!

Deb and I arrived at 545 or so and it was blazing heat! Everyone was there already...JR, Spicer, Brian, Louis, and Luis...you could see the misery on their faces! It was HOT and it's not even the summer! Brian and Spicer were all over the product placement with their Papa John boxes (photo above).

They had the dome open so they could have paratroopers fly in and land on the outfield, it was pretty cool.

All in all, baseball's back, so it's awesome. Texas heat, not so awesome! Astros and awesome can't be used in a sentence, except this one. This is going to be a looong summer for Astros fans! Too bad, I'm an Indians fan!!!

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