Friday, April 2, 2010

Softball's back!! Lucky number 81?

With softball starting last week, and every Thursday through the Fall, it's a sign baseball's about to begin! Woohoo!! I opted for my old football number, 81. I thought everyone would go for 25 (my old baseball number) but no one did. So I'm out there with 81...heck, with a number like that, I look like the guy who is a major league scrub! Ha!

Anyways, I am playing with the same team as last year in Pearland, the Chuggers. Last season we were the Beer-A-Mids, but it's the same team, just went back to the original team name. Yes, there's a lot of beer at the games! And on occasion beer pong between them... Deb came to the game last night and was finally able to introduce herself. It had become a running joke that she didn't exist because she never was able to come to games. It was odd how things worked out, but last night she (and Roma) came out to support me!

With my first at bat, I was going to impress my wife...oh yeah! That's the thought, but when you pop up to the's one of those "you tried" moments. I had 3 hits to follow, but the best part was when I was running home, I hear "don't slide!" Yup, that's Deb not wanting to see me hurt myself! She was enjoying talking with the other wives about my injury-prone ways.

To sum it up so far, we are 2-2...our two wins were awesome, 22-3 and 18-0. The loss last week was a nail biter as we were up by 3 going into the bottom half of the last inning only to have some juiced up fool hit a grand slam. Last night we played against the d-bag team...a team of college players and softball fanatics. They are team that peppers the field with the ball, hitting it exactly where they want. This is rec softball, they win all the time because they are playing against some aging professionals (sure, that's what I am). Anyways, not to whine, but we lost...18-1. First inning was awful...13 runs for them countered by our 3 up, 3 down! Second inning we all decided to bat lefty, I led off with a hit, an infield dribbler to short...I sprinted to first and beat it out... Overall I'm hitting well this season, going 9 for 11, which I'm happy with.

Funny thing...9 for 11 is an 0.818 average...but it's really 0.8181818181...lucky number 81, eh?

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