Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easiest way to tire out the dog...

...bring her to daycare! Once (sometimes twice) a week Debbie and I bring Roma to daycare, at Rover Oaks. We want to make sure she socializes with other pups. Plus, it helps with our schedules and allows us to work extra long day!

Typically I drop her off right around 7 AM, usually one of the first dogs there. This is the BEFORE photo from excited and anxious looking pup:

Then it's work time for me, and a loooong play day for Roma!

Then around 530 PM, sometimes just before last call at 6 PM, I go and get her. This is the AFTER photo from yesterday, mere seconds from loading her into the back seat.

Then a few seconds later, she's down!

Then the after-after photo, she's sleepy all night long. She walks up the stairs (considerably slower than normal), eats, drinks, and goes to lay down on the couch for the rest of the night!

Day care, what a wonderful thing...if only we were rich, we'd send her more often to tire her puppy energy right out of her!

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  1. These are awesome photos of Roma. I'm sure you guys will tire her out plenty when you move to Denver or St. Louis, have a yard with a fence, and own your own home. For now, she gets to play her days away at your expense! :-) Tamara