Monday, May 3, 2010

Back from Florida...

I added Cesilie to the bandwagon of Indians fans! was a nice trip down to Florida to see the family...always fun! Kids grow up so fast, example, Cesilie. Also, I played some hardcore Scrabble games with mom, and finally got to play Cruise IQ with my dad.

A few random photos from the trip (off the iPhone, as we didn't take any with our camera, perhaps we'll get some by email from the family)...
I helped Cesilie brush her teeth...

Tamara made a mess of herself, so her and Tim decided a towel would be a sufficient changing room...hahaha

FYI, Roma did well during her first vacation, aka boarding. She was quite tired last night and it continued today! Kitty, like always, was very vocal to see us...MEOWS all night long!

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  1. It was great seeing you and Debbie too! We had a good time. Next time you guys come to FL, please plan on a dinner "date" with Tim and I. :-) I'm glad Roma enjoyed her vacation...but like Dorothy said, there is no place like home. Tamara