Monday, May 17, 2010

Pug-Sitting with Robo...and Roma & Buster

This past Friday and Saturday were eventful as we got to pug-sit Robo (aka Robotron). It's no secret I'm a pug we were ready to dogsit for the first time. Robo and Roma were a bunch of hooligans at times, but fun for the most part. It was a "ROMA" or "ROBO" or "ROMO" couple of days.

Here's Robo saying "please help me take back the bed and that bone..."

Best story was Roma and Robo with the bones and the dog bed. We have one dog bed and two bones. Was this a problem? Yup. One dog was on the couch and the other was in the bed...all was great, they each had a bone. Then it was like "no I want the bone." "now I want that bed." No, I want the other one back." This one, that one, on and on!!! It's hilarious to think back on, but it was a nightmare in the moment. Our dog obviously does not like to share. Daycare says she does great, so who knows...?

On Saturday, Aaron came by with Buster so the three pups got to play for the afternoon. They all had a good time.

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  1. Enjoyed the pictures of the dogs - the stories were funny too. If you'd like to watch Ginger and Madison, we can fly them to Hobby. We need a break because they are waking up way too early lately. And, you know who is the first one off the bed? Ginger! Tamara