Monday, May 17, 2010

Racing with Rimkus

On Thursday I participated with Rimkus in the Houston Young Lawyers Foundation 5K here in Houston. It was a huge race...of 67 runners! It's a big contrast from the last race I ran with Roma (as that one we all ran with dogs) or even back to January with the 25k+ runners downtown for the marathon festivities. I figure this was where I'd capitalize and do well.

Hmm...those young lawyers were fast...and in the Houston heat AND humidity! It was a wet, hot night for a run... I did okay, running in 30 mins, 45 seconds...right on my typical pace. I placed 36 out of the bottom half! I had a great time and was probably the first (and last) time I finished a race and had a few beers.

Running will be slowing down as the summer approaches, but I'll be sure to run on the hot, non-humid days. I like the heat, but not when you feel like you're running in a freaking steam room!

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  1. Are you moderately insane for running a 5K in the Houston humidity in mid-May? Surely this was your idea of least you did not run with Roma. Tamara :-)