Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Terence and I just got back from New York City. For Terence's birthday I had bought tickets to the Yankee/Indians game over Memorial Day weekend. I think this was the only time I wish I had bought worse seats! We went to the day game on Monday and it was nice and sunny, which is great, but not when your sitting in the direct sun on leather seats for 2+ hours! We ended up buying some sunscreen and frozen margaritas and sweat it out in our Indians gear surrounded by Yankee fans. The stadium was nice though, name brand vendors everywhere including Nathan's hotdogs!

Besides the game, we did a few touristy things, we took a ride up to the Top of the Rock to see the beautiful skyline of NYC. It was fun, got some good pics and wish I had my new camera to practice with!

Besides the new BOA tower, a few other things had definitely changed since we moved to Texas. Times Square is completely open now for pedestrian traffic only and they added all sorts of cafe tables and chairs outside.

We also saw some movie stars! They were taping some scenes from the "The Smurfs" movie with Neill Patrick Harris walking down 59th street near Central Park. It was obviously meant for the fall as they had fake leaves and blowers everywhere. We also saw the cast of Glee outside Radio City Music Hall.

And most importantly, we ate! We ate lots of cupcakes, italian, and brunch. We went to my favorite restaurant, Serendipity 3 and shared an ice cream sundae (not the $1000 one). We visited an old Italian restaurant we remembered near Greenwich Village, Foccaria, and got to meet up with Terence's old friend, Alok. We also went to a new Italian place near Times Square, Trattoria Trecolori, highly recommend as it was delish! We missed out on our old brunch place, Clinton Street Baking Co., but made up for it by eating at Sarabeth's on the West side the next day. We tried to hit the best cupcakes in town: Butter Lane, Crumbs, Magnolia Bakery, and Eleni's (a new place in Chelsea Market). The "Elvis" cupcake at Butter Lane being my fav and the "Grasshopper" at Crumbs being Terence's fav. All in all, it was a good trip!

And while we were gone, somebody had a baby! Congrats to Timothy Kadlec Jr. born May 31st 7 lbs 12.5 oz and 20 inches.

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  1. We've had delicious goodies at Sarabeth's before in Chelsea Market. Yummy in our tummies! Tamara