Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baseball, Softball, etc

After 68 games in Houston, I think we all have a good idea how the season is going. With only 26 victories and a 0.382 winning percentage, I'll borrow our friend Lisa's line and stick it in the Astros' mouths..."I'm done!" And to add more disappointment, the Indians only have 26 victories, themselves... I am getting to the point of dusting off my old Mets gear to find a team to root for! I guess I have a growing appreciation for the Cardinals by way of Deb, so for now I'm not hopeless in October. At least I'm not a Pirates fan, or Orioles fan!

It's been a rough year for Cleveland and Houston, but I think it's time to fold and make some trades. Play for next year or 2012, don't protect your pride, just do what needs to be done!

With my pessimistic attitude towards my favorite teams, it was perfect time for summer softball to start back up! There's nothing better than 95 degrees and 90% humidity...actually, just about anything sounds better than that! But throw in some cold (crappy) beers and good friends, it's worth it.

Last Thursday was our first week back, and we split the day going 1-1. First game we held a 13-8 lead into the last inning...go figure, we lost 15-13 a la a couple bad plays in the field. I was 1 for 3, with a single, run and RBI. I reached on a fielders choice also...overall hitting the ball hard all three times. Second game we did quite better, won cleanly 13-3. I had my best softball game to date, going 3 for 3 with 2 HRs and a double, 4 RBIs and 3 runs. The first homer was of the inside the park variety, definitely was flying as fast as I could around the bases...

With the weekend here, last night I had the guys over for drinks. Deb's away to Denver for the weekend, so she missed out on the fun. We watched Strasburg impress, the Astros lose, and a night full of Roma and Buster chasing each other around. Kiddy came out for a minute, but realized she liked the comfort and security of our bed more!

Oh and Roma and kiddy are getting more and more friendly, they are civil and we have even seen the two chasing each other. Friendship perhaps? Time will tell, but they are definitely quite comfortable with one another, check out Midnight befriending Roma's bone. Sisterly love? I know that there's always a sibling rivalry, so we'll see how it all pans out. For now, though, we'll enjoy their growing bond.

Aside from baseball, and Debbie being gone for the weekend (Denver for father's day), it has been a pretty good week overall......

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