Monday, June 14, 2010

Maui Countdown!

I think it's time to break out the countdown in anticipation of our summer 2010 vacation to Maui! It's gone under the radar up until now. Preliminary plans were set a while back, now it's time to solidify our 8 days in paradise!

Here was the sunset from our room back in 07:

One thing we have lined up is a luau. Deb has been before, however, in 2007 we didn't make it to one. This time around, we already have our reservations in! Old Lahaina Luau

Also in the works is golf!! I played at Ka'anapali previously and am excited about the next round. I'm looking around still but think the best chance will be Kapalua...but we'll see. Check out hole #5:

Outside of those, we have much to be planned. I know one thing I won't be doing this time...scuba! I think almost dying once was enough. Granted I probably didn't almost die, it surely felt like that! Then again, I did almost lose my finger snorkeling, so who knows what is actually safe anyways?!

Any ideas anyone? I'm hearing ideas like tours surrounding food, pineapples, coffee...what else? Anyone have any good ideas from past trips??


  1. I think Tim would enjoy some Kona Coffee, if it's not too expensive...
    I think you guys should go hiking, biking, and volcano jumping! Why don't you look for a local piece of art and purchase it? That would be a great task! Your big sister!

  2. I think Tim would like some Kona Coffee, if it's not too expensive. Otherwise, I think you should hike, bike, and volcano jump! Then, after being super crazy, find a local artist and purchase a beautiful painting of the islands. Enjoy! Tamara

  3. We did a bunch of other amazing things during our trip to Hawaii, but I really wanted to share this experience as a must do! Here’s a link to there website I’m making a list of the other fun activities we did, so feel free to hit me up for ideas : ) If you are looking for what to do in Maui this is highly recommended. Enjoy your trip!"