Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Makena Golf Resort...

Further to my previous post, we have Maui next month...after a long deliberation and debate, I have decided to play at the golf course at Makena Beach and Golf Resort. The course is a close to an hour away from Ka'anapali, where we're staying, but I decided to on this course for a couple reasons. I was not keen on spending $300 for a round of golf, and I wanted a scenic was pretty much that simple.

Here's a view:
Details of the course are on their site, click here.

FYI, I'm working with Deb on her swing...we were back to the driving range this past weekend...she has significantly improved and might just take a few swings on the course...that'll be up to her. I debated bringing my clubs, but for the sake of convenience, I'm going to just rent some. Plus, I'm in the market for new irons, so it'll also serve as a demo day for me!

More Maui details to come...

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