Monday, June 14, 2010

Roma Graduated Beginner Training (last month!)

So last month, after many delays, Roma finished her puppy training course. Blame the delay on her surgery-scare, scheduling conflicts, us messing up the make up times, and other random events...but finally she got to graduate, and even wear a little graduation cap!

As she was not listening to me very well that day, Debbie took the lead in the "talent" portion of the exam...making her sit, stay, down, sit-ups (up and down a number of times), watch me, and a trick (which she did a high five, a shake, and a roll over!).

It was a fun day. As much as the Petsmart training was helpful, we feel as though we can do it on our own from here on out. Most of the stuff we taught her was outside of the classroom. But the beginner course definitely helped us get started and to know our pup! One thing they helped with, not pulling on the leash!

Oh and as a graduation gift, she received a blue toy, which in seconds had lost it's ear. Seconds later, it was all gone! Nope, just kidding...she lost toy privileges!

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