Friday, May 7, 2010

Silver Medal Finish in Softball...

If only we could have played the game we may have won the whole thing! It's complicated how it went down, but we ended up winning the "Runner Up" trophy in Pearland's Recreational Softball League.

It was complicated and rehearsed. The team "Troublemakers" were a bunch of ______ (you fill in blank, and make sure it's bad!). See they have ringers on their team that come in and tear up recreational softball. We are D league, that's basically the league where we go out and drink beer...oh and then play softball! These tools are just that, tools! So by them forfeiting the game we tied for the season. And with the tie, the team with the more runs scored for the year won. They THOUGHT that the 15 runs they gave us (the forfeit score is in the books as 15-0) were enough to pull a victory, but they miscalculated. In the end, they won, and "theoretically" they should be forced to move up leagues. HAHAHA, they have been changing their name, coaches, etc etc., anything to not move up. Bunch of scared little girls... Anyways, we had a good time last night anyways, watched some other games and kicked back with some beer...

And for all the statistician's out there, or anyone that cares, I closed the season 8 for 8 (plus a walk). For the season I batted 0.606. Now that was good for fourth WORST on the team! The season had an extended slump in the middle that killed my average (And there were hard hit balls in there, just couldn't find gaps). Between the first 4 and last 4 games, I batted 0.889. The middle 4 games I batted an anemic 0.267.

Had an awesome a few weeks off...then back to the field in June for the summer season!

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