Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Pulling a Debbie"

I call it "pulling a Debbie." That is when you run yourself out of gas!

I love Debbie and she knows I give her a hard time about this, but that's only because it happens often! "Hey Deb, let's take your car today..." Deb's response, "ummm, okay, but we need gas." She does it with a big smile! But Deb got it from her mom, they both know "I have XX miles when the light goes on." And they go XX minus 2...I have 2 miles till empty, I guess I'll get gas now!

Well, I pulled a Debbie this week...and it frightened me! I drove up to do an inspection in Bedias, Texas...a couple hours north and surely enough my light comes on. Good thing...I was already 5 miles off any noticeable road and went another 10 to the project site! My car reports "distance to empty" so I knew I had miles to go. Driving 15 miles each way off any sort of road (I was on a dirt road) was definitely a little scary. After the inspection I went and followed the client to the gas station...I had 12 miles left.

That's what I call "pulling a Debbie."

Oh and when I told Deb, she laughed and gave ME the hard time! :-)

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  1. Okay, this incident with the gas tank, mileage, lights, etc. is not just "Pulling a Debbie". I tend to push my limits with the Pruis as well. In fact, one day I had to drive some colleagues to Central Middle School and of course, I needed gas. When I drove my 30 seconds to work that morning, I had one bar left on the gas tank and knew I'd be fine for the day or two. No worries. Well, while driving to the school, I got down to 17 miles left. I thought I was fine. On the way back, my gas tank monitor started to flash so I knew the end was near. I had to drive 3 miles to a gas station and pay way more than the one a few more miles up the road. I was scared. I still push the limits but not to that extreme. You could say you are also "Pulling a Tamara". Tamara