Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roma's Good Behavior = Dog Bed

We may sound mean, or like "Nazi Drill Sargents," as my dad put it, but we are very strict with Roma. I mean the dog destroys things with her mouth that just never stops. It's only prepping us for kids, and the talking back that will undoubtedly come in 15 years. But back to Roma, because she destroys and eats things (i.e. towels, pillows) we hadn't gotten her a dog bed. Recently she's been doing we are giving it to her on a trial basis. It doesn't go in her kennel (just yet) rather sits on the couch. Last night, we said "go to your bed" and she actually did. So we are getting there.

More on the "good pup" is her training progress. She's nailed down the basics (i.e. sit, down, roll over), doing awesome at "stay" and "leave it," but we hadn't really ventured anywhere new...until this week. This week Debbie was all over her with "shake." And you know what, within one day, she's a pro! What a smart dog we say "shake" and her little left paw goes reaching for your hand!

Oh and Kitty likes the bed too...

We got an email from our vet saying "Happy Birthday Midnight" this week...we both kind of were like, "hmmm..." Just like Roma, Midnight doesn't really have an official bday. Kitty was pulled from a river and Roma was a stray...their stories are unknown, but we believe they are both from south of the border!

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