Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beer Pong, Dallas, More Dallas, then St Louis...

July arrived last Wednesday...the month of us being ridiculously busy!

Last Thursday I took off work, not in preparation, but in a Seinfeld-esque way. I can quote Elaine and be right on: "I had to take a sick day. I'm so sick of these people." :-) But Thursday was an awesome day...later on that day I had a softball game. One of the guys joked about bringing his "regulation" beer pong table. Well, he did! After an undetermined amount of beer, we lost both games...badly. The first game was by slaughter. It was bad. So with the hour break we all decided what better way to spend our time then with beer pong! We even built a beer-a-mid on the table to throw through. The second game that followed was no better. It was 23-1 when the first basemen dropped the F-bomb. We were warned, but the pitcher wasn't pleased...he just said "that's it, we're done." And that was it... It was a fun night...

Friday Deb and I headed to Dallas to help her sister Christine move. Already an RN, she is going further...becoming a doctor. She is going to the University of North Dallas in Fort Worth. (I think that's right...Debbie can confirm.) The weekend was filled with boxes, furniture shopping, and more. We drove back on Sunday...and oddly enough, I'm headed back up to Dallas tonight for some Structural software training. Two full days of training await...all of which will help my structural capabilities.

This weekend we are headed up to St Louis for a 50th birthday celebration for her mom and aunt. Deb has been planning the party with her sister and grandma, and I anticipate it being a blast! Afterwards we are headed to the All Star Game Fanfest which is part of the pre-All Star Game festivities! Homerun derby is Monday, the game is Tuesday. Anyone have any tickets, I'd be sooooo willing and thankful! Who knows, maybe we'll win some?

The rest of the month is going to be similar...Denver next weekend, Dallas the following, then August...St Louis, Florida, etc... Can't wait until the wedding and honeymoon!

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