Thursday, July 30, 2009

Honeymoon is fast approaching! (Wedding, too!)

October 10th is going to be awesome, but I know that Debbie and I are probably more excited for the 2 weeks that follow! In 2 mos and 13 days we leave for Rome, then 2 days later we'll be onboard the Carnival Dream for 13 days, then back to Rome for another night. It's going to be awesome!

Only a few months to go, and we have so much to do! Wedding stuff first, of course, but that is more Debbie than me. I'm helping, don't worry, I am. I probably think I've helped more than I have. Deb has handled 98% of the wedding, me...probably at 1%, the minimum for a groom! :-) Maybe more...

Anyways, the past few days I have really gotten into the honeymoon planning groove. I even got a book that is our "honeymoon book" with all our confirmations, plans, insurance, etc. I'll post pic later. We have so much on the agenda so far visiting Rome pre-cruise, and then again post-cruise. Vatican, Colosseum, etc etc. Plus all the stops on the cruise. We are headed to Pompeii, Mt Vesuvuis, and along the Almafi Coast while in Naples, the Murano glass factory in Venice, and off to Florence when we port in Livorno.

But the most important scheduling was completed first...couples massage during our first sea day! Going to be awesome. Once I get more planned and confirmed, I'll share...

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