Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stick a fork in 'em, the Indians are done!

What a disappointing year it is for people in Washington, they have the Nationals who are just terrible, or in Pittsburgh where they've traded nearly every opening day starter away, but not Cleveland right? WRONG! They traded away Ryan Garko the other day and now Cliff Lee, their ace. Go figure I'll have to wait one more year (at least) to see the Indians try for a ring. Another year where they are touted as being the best in the AL Central down the tubes... I guess it was meant to be since we'll be on our honeymoon during the World Series. :-)

Maybe the Astros? I won't jinx them, but they've been playing some great ball of late. I'm in for at least 2 games next week. Maybe they will win their first game I will attend...they have lost every game I've been to all year!

I'll try and update wedding and honeymoon later. Honeymoon plans have really started coming together. Wedding isn't that far away!!!

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