Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My sister is a hippie!

Well if you haven't met my sister or don't recall what she looks like, take a stroll down the navigation tolls at the left and find the video of her doing the YMCA at Yankee Stadium. That's my sis! And she'll be at the wedding, of course, but not sporting her hippie gear but a bridesmaid dress!

All joking aside, my sister is very Earth-conscious, which is a great thing for all of us. My brother and I dub her the "hippie" out of pure love and admiration. Some sarcasm, but that's what my brother and I have been doing to her for years! I was telling Debbie's sister about what we would do to her and how we were mean to her, she felt bad. Nobody can forget the woodchip incident! Oye...maybe that'll be some wedding conversation???

Anyways, check out her new car...a 2010 Toyota Prius:

And in case anyone doubts the "hybrid" tag that Prius' have...she clarified it in a picture!

To forshadow her September birthday, Deb and I went with a similar theme...only 2 months to go until her 31st birthday! Wow...she's in her 30s!

I think this post is testament to all the torturous years that my brother and I contributed to! :-)

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