Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Interesting Baseball Statistic (from SI and WSJ)

Did you know that there are only 26 baseball players and managers in Major League Baseball (currently) that have college degrees! I read this in Sports Illustrated (from a Wall Street Journal poll) a few weeks back and thought I'd share.

Just a side note, I find it funny that only 1 major leaguer is the product of Florida Tech...and I believe he IS one of the 26. So good for you, Tim Wakefield! That's nearly 4%! He also was the oldest pitcher selected for the first time to an All Star Game. Perhaps that means us Panthers bloom later in our careers? Hmm...

Here is a link to the article: CLICK HERE

Check out the graph of the "brainiest" teams. I like how Atlanta is last. My mom is one that always roots against them, so I'm sure she'll be pleased!

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