Saturday, July 18, 2009

One More...Half Marathon in January!

Well, registration opened at 12:01am yesterday (Friday)...even though I won't be able to train before the wedding, I know I'll be ready in January. As I am a very "clumsy" and seemingly injury prone (just ask my softball teammates!), I am going to avoid any regimented training until November.

Running has been my escape for quite some time, and much of that goes back to 2007 when Deb and I trained for our first half marathon. We would wake up early every Satruday and train with Pearland Fit. It was a great experience and was definitely a lot of fun. Last year I tried training for the full marathon, but all the injuries stacked up and held me back. Go figure my bum knee was holding up just fine, aside from the regular pain I deal with!

In any case, I registered early myself in okay. As of a little bit ago, only 1,000 spots remain out of the 22,000 pool! And those spots are only for the marathon! I am so happy I just went with my gut and registered...something to look forward to!

Here's a pic from the Houston marathon in 2008...Deb and I were happy to be finished! Good times!

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