Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday Debbie!!!

Today is Debbie's 25th Birthday!

I don't know why the calendar has to go screw things up this year...usually it falls on a weekend for her. With the wedding and all, there's no trip this year to Atlantic City or Vegas with friends or family...oddly enough we've hit two gambling spots for her birthday. That's a funny coincidence. Instead it'll be home with me and kitty. Hmmm...looks like the short stick this year. :-)

Aside from work and the heat and Texas (and all that comes with offense Texans or those that are fans of the state), it'll be a great day! Dinner out, then cake. I made my best attempt at a birthday cake, which upon further review may not make it up on the blog. It surely was built (baked) with less art and class than those the birthday girl produces! I don't know why Duff (Ace of Cakes) makes it look so easy. It's anything but!

Let's all wish Debbie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Debbie! I hope your day is awesome and Terence's cake tastes better than he says it looks!