Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scrabble Scores...

So, I was a little off in my blog yesterday regarding Scrabble scores. I was cleaning out my padfololio and found all of them. Looks like my mom only beat me by 27 overall...not bad considering. Not sure what our overall, all-time record and scores would look like...but I'd imagine we are about even on both!

Game 1:
Mom 280, Ter 251. Mom by 29
Game 2:
Mom 299, Ter 185. Mom by 114 (ouch!!!)
Game 3:
Mom 287, Ter 277. Mom by 10
Game 4:
Mom 303, Ter 292. Mom by 11
Game 5:
Ter 242, Mom 176. Ter by 66
Game 6:
Mom 191, Ter 190. Mom by 1 (Are you kidding me!!!)
Game 7:
Ter 182, Mom 145. Ter by 37
Game 8
Ter 326, Mom 311. Ter by 15
Game 9 (we played this game with a mere 15 minutes until we had to head to the airport)
Ter 290, Mom 270. Ter by 20.
Mom 2262, Ter 2235. Mom by 27...oh so close!

Thought I'd share the scores...

(I have ommitted the two scorecards that were left in the box...they were from Debbie when we last played. She beat me twice! But for some reason, she doesn't want to play just me. Perhaps it's my competitiveness...?)

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  1. Thank god you posted the scores!!! It was keeping me up at night!