Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We finally booked out rehearsal dinner for the wedding! I have been struggling with this picture I had of the rehearsal dinner and we just couldn't find anything that fit. We wanted something really casual for all of our family and out of town friends to join, like a clubhouse with a taco bar and margaritas. It turns out you definitely need to live somewhere to rent a clubhouse! We checked out my mom's old work caterer at Bellabrations, but it was just a little too much like our wedding and no taco bar.

So after realizing we had to go to a restaurant. We thought about some of the restaurants in downtown St. Charles and one of the best options was Pio's, an italian restaurant only 10 blocks from the church. We love italian! After bothering their catering manager with hundreds of questions, we came up with our guest list, wedding party and out-of-town family, and booked it! I think I started freaking out that we won't be able to find anything because they told us they were booked every Saturday and most Friday's in October already. AND it turns out there is a major event going out in St. Charles this weekend (you'll hear in an upcoming post) and I didn't want to end up a long ways away from the church! 

I am relieved that we booked it, thanks Terence. I think it will turn out to be a great night, you know that looks good!

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