Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Party planning crazy!

My mom turns 50 this year, so we are celebrating her birthday by throwing her and my Aunt Connie a big birthday party in St. Louis on July 11th. My mom and aunt are twins and they share a lot of friends, so it only makes sense to throw a birthday party for the both of them!

My sister, grandma, uncle, and I started planning this surprise party, but with Christine and I coming in from out of town it would just be too much to make it a surprise, so we told them. I think they are really excited to get to see everyone so much this year! This week I have been finalizing the guest list for the party and tonight I am working on the invitations. I used left over card-stock from wedding/sorority crafts and cut them into 4.25 x 5.5 using my paper slicer. I had left over envelopes from ordering the save-the-dates so I got to use those up. Overall I think the are pretty cute, especially for making them practically free!

It was my sister's idea to send out extra cards with some fun questions. The idea is that everyone can think of funny stories and we can share them at the party, then put the cards in a scrapbook with pictures from the party!

I liked the idea of a golden 50th birthday party, so I bought all these gold plates, cups, decorations, candles, etc. Now I am on the hunt for some classic 60's and 70's music to play during the party. My uncle said he can get out some of his old lps, but didn't have anything to play them on...too funny Anyone own any oldies, not on records?

And of course I practiced a little calligraphy skills on the invitations, hopefully by the time I have to address the wedding invitations my skills will have picked up a bit!

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