Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy 8th Gracie Lou!

Tomorrow, Gracie Lou turns 8!

Gracie is my pug that lives with my parents, or as they call themselves, her "adoptive parents." My mom always sends me these funny pug articles, clippings, etc...and yesterday we received a box with all sorts of goodies (including Debbie's birthday presents...hint, hint...her bday is MONDAY!) Anyways, back to Gracie...and pugs in general. So check out this clipping she sent (I cropped it out to only the pug)...

Notice anything? about another crop and flip:

Ha! Nearly 60 pound pug! Hahaha.. Anyways this is for all those who think Gracie (and Robo for that matter) are a little chunky! They are a mere fraction of this!

On another note, "The Proposal" comes out in the movies tomorrow. Fitting for Gracie's birthday, considering she was named after a Sandra Bullock character. (Not sure if I should admit that...but oh well!)

Yes...this was a brainless post...but I thought I'd share anyways!

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  1. oh .. gracie lou freebush...interesting tidbit of info:)