Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ailing Back...Aging Blows!

Well it was bound to happen...another injury. :-) I never used to get and baseball yielded nothing much. (You can't count the ball that hit my knee when I was like 9, that doesn't count!) Oh well, now it seems I have something new every week, which is quite honestly, sad!

I can't be for sure what happened as it started when I woke up yesterday. It was bad. I don't want to say I hurt it sleeping, otherwise I'm doomed! The pain was probably from racquetball the night before. Two straight hours of blood, sweat, and tears on the court...leading to yet another defeat. When I sprained my ankle in May, at least it was part of us winning the softball tournament. This time, I was a loser and got hurt! (No details this week, I can't find any new excuses!)

I am not one for seeking medical help for pain, but I had to. As old man Aaron hurt his back earlier in the year, I had a recommendation and was in for an afternoon appointment. Found out I strained a number of muscles in my back, which are causing the nerve fibers around my rib cage to scream. In addition to all the aching muscles! Yesterday everything was hurting, especially deep breaths. I have a couple of follow up therapy sessions this week and hopefully the pain will subside soon. She said 6-8 weeks to be gone, so just in time for the wedding! I'm shooting for sooner, so I an get up and back into all my activities!

Last night Debbie can quote me saying "I am going to have to hold off on softball until after wedding." Today my back feels better, so I'm not so sure that I'll have to. But I will get home later and my "voice of reason," aka Debbie, will be there for me. She'll straighten my crazy thoughts out! Looks like no more softball or racquetball until November. This is all for the sake of being painfree for our wedding and honeymoon. That is, unless I do something that only I could do, like hurting it while sleeping!

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